I'm Renee Masotti, a seasoned therapist who helps people from all walks of life to navigate the unconscious and improve their relationships so they can become their best selves.

I am a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples. After years in the hustle and bustle of Oakland, I moved my practice to Petaluma in 2014 where I’m delighted by living simply and closer to nature.

My work is hard to pigeonhole—both in terms of the types of clients I serve and the approaches I draw upon. I’m at a point in my career where I’ve worked with a lot of people—whether in therapy sessions with individuals and couples, coaching sessions or wellness programs.

For many years, I taught classes on communication, stress management and mindfulness. I’m also a therapist for therapists, providing guidance and consultations to help them help their own clients.

What all that experience has given me is an ability to quickly see what’s really going on and gracefully help others to find a different way forward for themselves. I’m comfortable with the varieties of human experience—from the depths of despair to overwhelming frustration to fear of intimacy to loneliness and the glory of unconditional love.

It’s not just academic to me. I came to be a therapist after experiencing a significant loss at the age of 28—the kind that brings you to your knees and makes you question everything. I know dark places; they don’t scare me as before and I know how to navigate out of them in the kindest, gentlest ways.

Pragmatic, Open-hearted and Flexible Approach

I’ve seen again and again how getting a little help with improving relationships and clearing unconscious blocks can make big changes in people’s lives.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to my counseling. One person might get what she needs with some practical guidance on managing conflict. Someone else might strike gold in dreamwork. Another person might find relief by unwinding old emotional patterns that keep blocking happiness and ease.

I work with each of my clients differently, but what you can count on is that I will bring a pragmatic, open-hearted and flexible approach to each session. This is sacred, soulful and exciting work. What I love most is seeing my clients grow and develop their capacity to live and love more fully.

Background in Spiritual Traditions

My own experience of loss set me on a lifelong path of transformation that also included deep personal experience with a variety of spiritual traditions: Christian mysticism, Hatha Yoga and Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. Each of these approaches has its own points of brilliance as well as blindspots. I help spiritual practitioners use psychology to deepen their practices and experiences of Being.

Likewise, I also have a specialty in working with people who are interested in sacred activism (e.g. social justice) and seeking to change the world from the inside out. That said, having an interest in spirituality isn’t a requirement to work with me—only a desire to look within.

Feeling inspired?

Think you might like my help with what you are up against at the moment? Feel free to schedule an initial session with me. I look forward to connecting.