Navigate challenging work relationships to improve your leadership.

Coaching Sessions for Leaders

No matter what we do in life, we are in relationships. This is as true in our work as it is in our personal lives. Leaders need to be able to build strong relationships with a variety of people in their organizations: business partners, other leaders, the board, high stakes clients …

It is always helpful to gain insight into the behavior of others as well as our own blocks that are interfering with a particular work relationship.

Coaching is different than therapy. It is a short-term, very focused engagement, typically 3 to 6 sessions with follow-up when useful. When serving as a leadership coach, I apply my expertise in relationship dynamics to help my clients problem solve and develop constructive strategies for working with people who are posing a challenge to their leadership.

My leadership coaching sessions are ideal for:

  • Executives and entrepreneurs seeking insight into the behavior of a key stakeholder, and to determine strategies to address that

  • Business partners who are struggling with conflict

  • Professionals seeking to understand obstacles to teambuilding

Expertise in Relationships and Communication

I bring a mix of experience to my leadership coaching sessions, including:

  • two decades of experience helping individuals and couples improve their relationships
  • 15 years as an educator of communication skills, mindfulness, stress, anxiety and anger management

  • 25 years as a student of a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices

If you are wrestling with a teamwork or communication challenge in the workplace and would like objective perspectives and advice from someone whose expertise is getting at what makes people tick, and how to move relationships forward, please book a session with me