Get practical clinical guidance that honors your own personal voice while providing a relational psychoanalytic perspective.

Consults for Therapists

Once you’ve completed school and earned your license, the work of cultivating your own style begins. It’s hard to do this very well in isolation.

Even after many years into private practice or working in institutional settings, therapists sometimes find themselves running into challenges with clients, patients or the business of therapy for which they’d like guidance from someone who has been there.

A consultation relationship gives therapists a like-minded mentor who can provide practical insights about whatever is coming up in the work: from technical considerations (e.g. enactments and countertransference issues) to how to articulate the value of your work or holding the frame. The objective is to hone your craft and improve your ability to help your clients, whether in private practice or in organizational settings.

My consultations are ideal if you are a therapist who wants to:

  • Find your own unique clinical style so that you can relax into your work and show up for your clients as genuinely as possible. I’ll help you combine theoretical knowledge with an authentic personal presence to enhance therapeutic engagement.
  • Expand clinical skills to improve your ability to help clients: My role is to bring to light to blind spots, fill in the holes of your theoretical framework, and demonstrate how to use your own internal reactions and reverie to inform your work.
  • Get guidance or mentoring from a seasoned psychoanalytic therapist who is skilled at translating theory into clinical practice and can apply it to real-world cases. You’ll be able to learn and grow in a safe environment for exploring your clinical work.


Relational Analytical Therapist With a Broad Background

I bring a mix of experience to my consultations, including:

  • two decades of experience as a relational analytic therapist for individuals and couples

  • 15 years as a mental health educator within corporate, non-profit and HMO settings

  • 25 years as a meditator and student of Christian contemplative, Buddhist and Hatha Yoga practice

My work incorporates both Eastern and Western thought, psychology and praxis:

  • contemporary relational psychoanalysis (particularly Winnicott, Meltzer, Bion, Ogden, Eigen, Ferro, Civitarese)
  • developmental and attachment theory
  • the affective neurosciences
  • the transpersonal insights of C.G. Jung
  • the vast body of dreamwork literature
  • Eastern contemplative traditions

Am I a good Fit for You?

It is a pleasure to help other therapists find more ease in their work. I enjoy translating clinical theory into practice through real-world application. Choosing the right consultant is as much about feeling and fit as it is about theoretical approach. If you are feeling curious, I encourage you to book an initial session with me so that we can see if there’s a good fit.