Break free from the old, painful patterns that keep you locked in an unhealthy dynamic.

Couples Therapy

Intimate partnerships can be very difficult AND also the source of our most rewarding experiences. This is because in relationships we tap into some of the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves that we sometimes don’t even know are there.

While developing listening and conflict management skills goes a long way (I know it from many years teaching Couples Communication), sometimes couples need more to navigate their relationship. Persistent feelings of anger or frustration, disruptive life transitions and betrayals of all kinds can easily shut down one or both partners and lock the couple into an unhealthy dynamic.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with many individuals and couples to fundamentally shift their lives together by uncovering and healing the hidden roots of their particular obstacles.

Couples typically come to me because they are struggling with one or more of the following:

Connection: lack of passion/boredom, fear of commitment, persistent frustration/anger with partner, unresolved/difficult conflict, unhealthy communication patterns, lack of engagement, distractions/addictions of all kinds, betrayals and affairs


Life Transitions: new partnership/marriage, job/career changes, relocation, the birth of a child, mid-life crisis, blending families, empty nest, retirement, aging, mid-life crisis

Family Life: negotiating differences around money/sex/household tasks, parenting/step-parenting roles, navigating infertility, work/home balance

Breaking Free of Painful Patterns

My role as a couples’ therapist is to tease out what’s really going wrong between two people and help both partners to express themselves so they can move forward rather than stay stuck in old, painful patterns. I work like a mediator, a neutral party, and help get each person’s “voice” into the conversation for the good of the relationship.

When working with couples, as with individuals, I guide my clients to get at the true source of the challenges in their relationship so that lasting change is possible.

Relationally Oriented: Helping Develop Stronger Connections

Magic happens in the partnership that develops between therapist and client. For most of us, changing deeply held patterns is not just about developing understanding of ourselves; it’s about improving our ability to communicate openly and authentically with another person. My training and experience is rooted in building strong, healthy relationships.

Am I a Good Fit for You?

Choosing the right therapist is as much about feeling and fit as it is about any theoretical approach. If you are feeling curious, I encourage you to schedule an initial session with me so that we can see if there’s a good fit.