Tap into the personal wisdom and inner guidance hidden in your dreams to solve problems and find clarity.


Dreams are the voice of the unconscious, and often provide us with valuable insight and direction IF we know how to listen. Dreams speak in a symbolic language, and when we learn how to understand this language for ourselves, we gain an extraordinarily powerful tool for solving some of life’s problems.

Dreams are personal. Divining their meaning requires inward searching to understand your particular dream language. I’ve been doing dreamwork for over 25 years—that includes gaining wisdom from my own dreams and mentoring others in this art.

If you want to learn how to find meaning in your dreams so that you can live into them, I offer dreamwork coaching sessions.

Dreamwork sessions are ideal when you are:

  • Have a recurring dream that is either disturbing or alluring and you would like to understand its meaning
  • Have had a powerful dream in which you feel that it’s telling you something, but you aren’t sure what
  • Facing a difficult decision and are looking for clarity on which direction to take
  • Working on a creative project and want to expand your capacity for inspiration
  • Looking for help problem solving
  • Want to work through shadow aspects that are getting in the way of your work and relationships


How it Works

My dreamwork sessions are different than therapy. They are very focused and short-term. A single session might be all that is needed. Bring your notes about your dreams to our session and I will guide you through the process of interpreting them. Clients typically tell me that they walk away from these sessions feeling a sense of excitement and curiosity.

Expertise in Dreams and the Unconscious

For 25 years I have been helping people navigate the unconscious through dreams and exploring the ripple effects in their lives that well-mined dreams offer. Dreamwork is among my deepest passions. Over the years, I’ve gained incredible insights from my own dreams and love teaching people how to make use of this vastly underutilized, life-giving resource.

If you are curious about dreamwork, please schedule a session with me.