Break through inner blocks so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life and stronger relationships.


individual therapy

It’s not uncommon to reach a point in your life or relationship where you feel something just isn’t working, and no matter what you do, you can’t get it to work.

Spiritual practices, a health-conscious lifestyle and self-help all have their place. But when these difficulties persist, it’s often a sign that there’s something locked in the unconscious—sometimes before memory—that needs understanding and healing.

I am a therapist with 20 years of experience helping people navigate the unconscious and become their best selves. I help both individuals and couples to uncover and heal the hidden roots of their frustration and pain.

My clients typically come to me because they are struggling with one or more of the following:

Life in upheaval: e.g. beginning or ending an important relationship, financial loss or gain, work transitions/relocations, bereavement, health changes, creative blocks, trauma

Life meaning, spirituality and faith: wanting to clarify their values, contemplative or religious affiliation, the role of spiritual practice, or the possibility of “spiritual bypass"

Relationships: frustration with quality of relationships and not getting what they want or need

Difficult feelings: persistent anxiety, stress, anger, loneliness, guilt or boredom

Feeling stuck and confused about: work, family, identity (including gender)

Depth Psychology: Getting at the Root

In my work with individuals and couples, I draw upon a variety of approaches and theories. But my speciality is helping people go to the root of what is holding them back from greater contentment and engaging more fully in their lives, work and relationships.

As a therapist, I see my role as more than a caring listener (although that’s an important part of what I do). People come to me because they want help finding their way forward toward a new way of living. The source of both our self-defeating patterns and our life-affirming possibilities lies in our unconscious; I’ve been guiding people through this terrain for 20 years. I’ll meet you wherever you are and work closely with you to help you find your way forward.

Relationally Oriented: Helping Develop Stronger Connections

Magic happens in the partnership that develops between therapist and client. For most of us, changing deeply held patterns is not just about developing understanding of ourselves; it’s about improving our ability to communicate openly and authentically with another person. My training and experience is rooted in building strong, healthy relationships.

I am also deeply familiar with a variety of spiritual traditions and help people use psychology to deepen their practices and experiences of Being.

Am I a Good Fit for You?

Choosing the right therapist is as much about feeling and fit as it is about any theoretical approach. If you are feeling curious, I encourage you to schedule an initial session with me so that we can see if there’s a good fit.